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Be a part of a highly visible and affordable marketing opportunity...

We are glad to once again produce a unique annual Jewish Calendar and program guide.  
The full sized, color calendar will include secular as well as Jewish dates, along with the popular artwork and detailed Jewish holiday and shabbat information as well as Chabad programs throughout the entire year. 

Share your message with hundreds of others like you! 
Place a holiday greeting or a message in the calendar to share your wishes or show your support!

Make Your Advertising Dollars Count! Insert an ad to ensure optimum visibility for your business products or services. 

Special offer for small businesses & first time advertisers!!
Only $180 per business card  ad by Thursday, July 8th!

As this project is part of our fundraising projects, your greeting or advertisement directly affects
our continued ability to serve the community.

Please fill out the form below to be included. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.
For more information, contact us at: 619.289.8770 or [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your support and participation,
Rabbi Zalman Carlebach

* All ads must be received no later than Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Chabad House Calendar & Program Guide
I would like to receive a FREE Art Calendar & Program Guide for 2021-22 / 5782
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$54 Donor/Sponsor Page
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  $180 Personal Greeting / Small Business Advertisement
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$500 Full Banner Ad   Number of Ads:
$650 Half Page Insert   Month Preference
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$3,000 Prominent Display
Full Back Cover


Family Occasions

  Please include my family birthdays/yahrtzeits/anniversaries
              $15.00 each or BULK SPECIAL $100 for up to 8 (Send additional by email)

* Please type names exactly as you'd like them to appear in our calendar 

* All birthdays, anniversaries and yahrtzeits will be displayed in the calendar box on the date which they occur 

* Years are not required but will assist us in determining your Hebrew Birthday (Years will NOT be printed in the calendar).

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Please email your business card or any graphics to [email protected] 
by Thursday, July 8th

Other advertising opportunities available:
Website ads, Holiday Mailers, Candle Lighting Magnets, Events, etc.
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