Ever wonder what is inside your Mezuza?

You are invited to a 


Mezuzah Workshop with Sofer Attia

on Sunday, August 19th at 4:00 pm

Sofer Attia.jpg

Following our art fusion workshop we had on Tuesday August 7th, We are bringing SOFER ATIA to teach, show and examine your Mezuzos.

There are many elements that ensure that a Mezuzah is Kosher. You will gain an appreciation in the complex and quite detailed process that makes a Mezuzah fit for use through the Mezuzah Workshop. Their purpose and underlying reason are all part of the discussion.

If you do not have Mezuza or Tefillin, Sofer Atia will have some here to sell as well.

Location: Chabad of Downtown, 472 Third Avenue, S Diego, CA 92101

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