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Previous Classes


  Chabad Lecture Series Events 
Previous Classes 


Monthly Women's Course
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Learn about basics in Judaism, Jewish History, and bring your own questions.
Myth or Truth?
Find out on Tues, Nov 22nd
Open to all.
Ladies Afternoon Tea
Shabbos, Nov 12th with Rebbetzin Chanie Carlebach
Tuesday, August 2nd

A Project of the Chabad Lecture Series
3 Part Series on Passover
Tuesday nights at 7 pm
February 20, 2016
An hour-long broadcast uniting Jews through Torah
An Evening with Cary Nelson

Sunday, November 15th
Monday, August 31st
at 7 pm
Gimmel Tammuz Special Event
with Guest Lecturer Rabbi Yossi Goldman of Johannesburg, S Africa
Sun, February 22nd
Archaeological Claim to Jerusalem
with Biblical Scholar Rabbi Stolik
Tuesday, January 13th
Meet the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau
We have it easier than almost any generation in history. And yet our generation is not any happier. Many of us CAN have happier lives by understanding a few principles.
Thurs, June 26th

Choose 2 classes from an array of interesting topics!

Presented by Chabad Centers of S Diego County

with Sharp Healthcare Transplant Coordinator, Gina Mautz
Amazing Lecture:
Mystical Keys for a Meaningful Life
Tuesday, October 22nd at 7 pm
May 29th, 2013
Homeopathy is the 2nd healing modality in the world. Homeopathic treatments are very individualized more then herbals and acupuncture. Homeopathy treats a person not a diagnosis.
Wed, April 24, 2013
Join us for a lively discussion all about Yiddish as a language and its contribution to Jewish History!
Learn new Yiddish phrases to add to your vocabulary :)
Lecture with Barbra Drizin of Start from Scratch Social Media
Monday, January 21st
Lecture with Rabbi Dov Greenberg of Stanford University
at Chabad of Coronado